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The Anti-SUV Movement

Anti-Sport Utility Vehicles
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We are a community devoted to the disestablishment of the SUV phenomenon now taking place in our country. We are committed to opening minds as well as discussing how the widespread use of SUV's adverse effects the environment as well as American culture.

Rules of the community:

1. Please no promoting other communities, especially unrelated ones, without the consent of the moderator(s).

2. Entries with more than one picture must be placed under an LJ-cut. (If you don't know how to do that, please refer to the "FAQ" section of the page.)

3. For god's sake, no flaming (fighting)! Please!

4. If you happen to have a positive opinion on sport utility vehicles, please either keep them to yourselves or, if you would like to discuss them, as the internet is an open forum, please do so in a calm, educated, and civil manner.

5. If you're joining for the first time, tell us about yourself and why you're interested in the cause. You can even give your least favorite SUV (mine is the Ford Excursion; my co-moderator's is the Cadillac Escalade). If you've tagged any in your neighborood, feel free to post pictures and tell us about your parking lot adventures.

6. Post anything relevant you want on the topic: news articles, interesting links, personal stories, etc. If it can contribute to our knowlege or pique our interest, we want to hear about it!

7. Most importantly, DO NOT DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL in the name of this cause. Recently, some vigilant environmentalist groups have been destroying SUVs to make a point, and that's not what we're about. Civil, nonviolent, mind-opening tactics are the way we get our point across; not through harsh, dangerous, and illegal actions.

Please refer to these links for more information on "the movement":

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